Navnee Garg

Navnee Garg

Balance your Thali this Navratri.

The beautiful occasion of Navratri begins today and most of us ready to fast for our religious beliefs and a few in terms of losing weight in a healthy way. Fasting for a period of 9 days is a great way to cleanse and detox your system inside out, physically and mentally but along with it, it is quite important to make your fasting routine healthy so that you don’t suffer from less energy and bad health.

This year, we are here with a few tips that you can keep in mind while planning your 9 days of Fast, no less than those of a Healthy Feast.

a. Check up on your Fried food options: Let’s face it honestly. Don’t we end up eating more fried when fasting? If you agree with me, then this year try out the various healthy recipes that we share and focus primarily on the mode of cooking that you opt for while preparing a dish. Try shallow frying, roasting, boiling, sauteing over deep frying, or air frying. 

b. Level up your Grain-Game: Navratri is a festival of change, with the change in season, it is a good time to reboot our systems, and breaking away from regular daily foods is a great way to do so. Grains allowed during Navratri fasts include Kuttu (also called Buckwheat), Singhara, Samai, Amaranth, and Quinoa; all nutrient powerhouses and most importantly, all gluten-free. So, a great time for all those who are trying to go Gluten-free. Try using one kind of flour in a day, to ease your cooking, and relish different flavors every day.

c. Fuel-up your Water Intake: Good water intake in fasting is not only necessary to stay hydrated but it can also reduce your unnecessary cravings of foods while make you binge less on processed and oily foods. To make this step interesting, add water, vegetable and fruit juices with pulp and coconut water in your menu so that you can stay properly hydrated while fasting. This will also help you avoid unnecessary acidity and indigestion issues.

d. Power up Proteins: With 9 days of fasting, we tend to miss on adequate proteins, not because we lack options, but we are unaware. Try adding paneer based gravies, or snacks, a variety of raitas, buttermilk, healthy milkshakes to maintain the levels. Apart from it, Navratri special grains such as Quinoa, Amaranth, are also good sources to level up the protein intake.

So, are you ready for a Healthy Detox this Navratri 2020? Do let us know in your comment sections below about your Heath potion for Navratris.

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