Coconut Vinegar- The New Buzz in the City

‘Coconut’ has already gained a lot of spotlight in the last few years be it as ‘Superfood’ or its ‘coconut sugar’ and  ‘Coconut milk’ which is a great Lactose-free idea. Now that western world is catching up with the wonders of this fibrous fruit, there is one more coconut product which is hitting the market

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Balance your Thali this Navratri.

The beautiful occasion of Navratri begins today and most of us ready to fast for our religious beliefs and a few in terms of losing weight in a healthy way. Fasting for a period of 9 days is a great way to cleanse and detox your system inside out, physically and mentally but along with

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One Month to get you Fit for Festive 2020!

Dusshera & Diwali is just a month ahead, and are you planning to attend a small family get together or dress up in your favorite attire to brighten up the festive feel, but wondering if you would fit in it post lockdown binging? Don’t worry, even a month of small and consistent efforts are good

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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling – An Oral Hygiene Practice

The pandemic situation in lockdown has made many of us try out various things that we always wanted to learn or explore. Something similar happened to me. I had always heard about the ancient, Indian folk method of oil pulling to cleanse and whiten the teeth, freshen breath, and improve overall dental health, but toothpaste

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Eat Chocolates Guilt-Free!! Here’s why!

Whatever be the season, whatever be the reason, the very thought of chocolate can make us lick our lips in eagerness. The sweetest day of the year, World Chocolate Day, sometimes called International Chocolate Day, is celebrated annually on July 7. We crave chocolate because it is good! It tastes good, it smells good and

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Oats Milk: The New Beverage Around!

The food market is flooded with various alternatives for our ver on Desi Cow’s milk. And we are happy about that, as it opens up varieties for people who are Lactose Intolerant. One of the new beverages we often see at organic food stores is oats milk. As the name suggests, it is made from

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Hidden Benefits of Coffee!

What makes your morning better? Is it the bright morning sun, ushering a new day with its warm rays? Or the melodious chirping of birds? Is it the fresh aromas of flowers or morning dew? If you thought of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a newspaper and sitting under a blue sky, then we

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