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Navnee Garg

Coconut Vinegar- The New Buzz in the City

‘Coconut’ has already gained a lot of spotlight in the last few years be it as ‘Superfood’ or its ‘coconut sugar’ and  ‘Coconut milk’ which is a great Lactose-free idea. Now that western world is catching up with the wonders of this fibrous fruit, there is one more coconut product which is hitting the market these days- Coconut Vinegar.

Coconut Vinegar is made from only one ingredient- Coconut Sap. Sap is extracted from the blossom of the coconut tree and is then fermented for 8 to12 months. The fermentation process results in light golden yellow delicious fluid which is prepared raw, unpasteurised, unheated & unfiltered and makes it a ‘Functional Superfood’. The taste of coconut vinegar is milder and less pungent, when compared to other vinegar shots which makes it easier to go down. But, it definitely doesn’t  have a coconutty flavour. 

Health Benefits of Coconut Vinegar

  1. Regulates Blood sugar
    Coconut sugar has an ample amount of acetic acid, which makes it a healthier idea for those suffering from diabetes (low glycemic index- 35), as it does not elevate the sugar level, in fact improves insulin sensitivity when consumed after a carb rich meal.
  1.  Weight loss friendly
    A great idea to add on in your diet if you are on your weight loss journey as it has zero calories or fats or sugars. It may also curb hunger pangs and promote satiety. 
    And all above it, it is delicious in taste, so that makes it another reason to add in our routine.
  1. Promotes Digestive Health
    Coconut Vinegar contains probiotics and acetic acid- both of these contribute to healthy gut and digestion. This also helps one build immunity, which is a must in these corona days.

Ways to consume Coconut Vinegar:

  1. Use it as a fruit and vegetable wash. Soaking fruits and veggies in coconut vinegar and water (ratio 3:1) can reduce bacteria and kill fungus that may be present and also extend the life of the produce.
  2. Add honey and coconut vinegar in a glass of water as a morning energizer.
  3. Use it in salad dressings.

    Coconut Vinegar is a safe and healthier option for those with intolerance towards any other cider vinegars. You can always consult a Nutritionist before adding it in your diet.

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