Mango - Yay or Nay
Navnee Garg

Navnee Garg

Mango: Yay or Nay!

Few common statements I often see everyone discussing is, “I gained weight because I have been binging on mangoes lately.”

“I avoid mangoes due to Diabetes. It spikes my sugar levels”

“Mangoes are high in calories, it should be avoided if you are looking for weight loss”

Are mangoes really making us fat or it is something else?


Let’s not completely blame on the king of fruits for it. It’s not the mangoes that makes one a couch potato, in-fact, it is the portion size, how active our lifestyle is, and the other meals along that adds on to the whole of it. For example, an Italian meal you must have had on weekend would add almost 1500-2000 cals, wherein a full size mango would hardly add on 110cal, that too with naturals sugars in it. Ever had that much thought while mindlessly binging on a croissant or a muffin with your coffee?

What’s the best way to consume mangoes?

A medium sized mango contains 75cals, and a larger one approximately 107-130cal depending upon its size. Therefore, consuming a medium sized mango everyday as a fruit is totally fine, as it adds on different health benefits too. You can follow the thumb rule of consuming a couple of almonds or walnuts immediately after the fruit, as it avoids the sugar levels to spike immediately because the fibre in the nut stabilises the effect.

What can be avoided to keep a check on Health?

  • The key is ” Mindful Eating”, Do not overindulge in the sweetness. Make a rule to consume only one medium sized mango everyday.
  • Avoid adding mango and sugar together in recipes like shakes, puddings, or other desserts. Those two are a real bad combination for weight watchers as well as diabetics.
  • Do not replace it as a dessert after every meal, instead consume it as mid meal option.

Health benefits of Mangoes:

  • Good for Digestion. It is rich in fibre and helps prevent constipation.
  • High in Vitamin-E. This regulates sex hormone and boosts sex drive.
  • Great for Eyes. It is rich in Vitamin A, which helps to prevent dryness of eyes.
  • Good food for our skin. Try rubbing the pulp on your face to cure acnes and smoothen the skin.
  • A potent Antioxidant. This helps protect cells from free radical damage and reduce the risk of cancer.

We hope we have managed to answer most of your doubts in this blog. Please pour in the comment section below for any more queries.

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