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Navnee Garg

One Month to get you Fit for Festive 2020!

Dusshera & Diwali is just a month ahead, and are you planning to attend a small family get together or dress up in your favorite attire to brighten up the festive feel, but wondering if you would fit in it post lockdown binging?

Don’t worry, even a month of small and consistent efforts are good enough to see the visible results. In this blog, we shall share with you a few habits and lifestyle changes that you can do to see a fitter version of yourself by Diwali 2020.

30 days of Clean Eating and Fitness

Start your ‘One Month to Fitter You’ Journey with a positive attitude and a hope to get healthier, leaner, and not just to lose weight. Trust me, if you follow these habits, for a month and then continue it for the next few months, you can definitely reach closer to your goals gradually in the healthiest way possible without gaining it back. 

Step 1: Clean up all the Junk at your house: Yes, I know this is difficult, but to be honest, the most important step as this helps you get away from unhealthy junk & distractions. Instead, replace it with some healthy & homemade snacks to munch on. So, this gets your Pantry ‘a makeover’ and you are all set to move ahead.

Step 2: Check your emotions and not weight: Sounds weird, but let me ask you, are you also one of those who freak out to check when it comes to checking your weight? Well, I have a solution to it. Try changing your idea of fitness. Instead of focusing on weight, focus on how you feel. Observe the inner heath, do you often feel bloated, heavy post meals, and work on those aspects. Like, if you’re on a weight-loss path, pay attention to how your clothes fit rather than a number.

Step 3: Up your Protein Game: You already knew this was coming. But, I know you still are confused about how to do it. Trying adding a source of protein in every meal you eat, like eggs in breakfast, chicken in meals, seeds, and nuts in snacks and smoothies, or maybe dairy products like curd, milk, paneer if you are a vegetarian. Try keeping it as simple as you can, because that is something more consistent and can be followed life long.

Step 4: Munch on Fibres: Who says only nachos and potato chips are must-haves for movie nights. Ever tried kale chips, apple chips, or cucumber with hummus. I bet, you will never have processed foods again. If you are one of those who are more comfortable with small and frequent meals, try including fruits and veggies into 50% of these meals, preferring the smaller ones. Do not make the mistake of opting for fresh juices over fruits, that is nothing just wasting the fibers. 

Step 5: Level up your Water Intake: Make water your primary beverage, and aim for 2–3 liters, in a day. If you dislike your water plain, jazz it up with some fruit infusions. But make sure, you finish up your target before you sleep. Initially, it would be difficult, but gradually it can be improved. Try this trick: Observe how many glasses of water did you have on day 1, and then keep adding 2 glasses each day ahead.

Step 6: Get up & Move: This is something we often make excuses from. Isn’t it? But let me ask you this? How many hours on an average are you spending on social media each day? Also, can you reduce 30 minutes of those and utilize it for a workout? Easy enough. Trust me, it will take just 3 days to make some space in your day, and 4th day you will know it that you go to move it. Do whatever you like, 10,000 steps/day target, cardio, Zumba, stretching, strength training, or even dancing, anything that makes you move helps you get fitter.

Step 7: Wider your Whole grain ZONE: In addition to being providing fiber and nutrient-rich slow-burning carbs for sustained energy, whole grains are incredibly health protective. It is not about eating gluten-free or fancy grains but it is more about eating locally available grains such as jowar, bajra, ragi, etc in your daily meals.

Step 8: Stay Consistent & practice gratitude: The most important step, to follow all these steps for a month and spend 15 minutes writing down grateful sentiments before bed as that improves sleep length and quality. This lets you have more empathy toward others, better self-esteem, and a greater ability to overcome challenging circumstances. I always suggest never to expect quick results, instead, should always try to improve gradually. This might take more time to see results, but I can assure you that the results would always be there for lifelong. 

So, are you ready to take up this “One month to Fitter you” Challenge? If you have read till here, I am sure you can do this. Yes, this is easy yet fruitful. Do try this for the next 30 days, and let us know how did you feel about this beautiful concept of 30 days of clean eating.

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